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Saint Paul Lutheran Church
600 N Horsman St
Rockford, IL  61101-6612

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Communicant Giving

Natural Increase / Decrease

Migration by Transfer




Year BaptizedMembers CommunicantMembers JuniorsConfirmed ParentsNonMembers AdultsConfirmed ProfOfFaith ReceivedFromOtherLutheranChurch TransferFromSisterChurch TotalGain DeathsStat RemovedStat ReleasedToOtherLutheran TransfersToSisterChurch TotalRemovedStat ChildrenBaptStat WorkAtHomeContrib WorkAtLargeContrib AverageChurchAttend NatIncrDecrStat NewMemberStat TransfersInStat TransfersOutStat MigrationStat OutsideGainStat NetOutreachStat TotalContribStat StewardshipIndexStat NetAdjustedStat GiftAverageWorshipAttend GiftConfMember IncomeContrib IncomeOther

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1333 S. Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, MO 63122-7226

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